Here is what some of E-Alchemy clients had to say about her products and sessions

Zelda thank you for all the unconditional love and support over the last few weeks. I am blessed to have had two rituals with Zelda – the first in 2019 and the second in March 2020. Zelda’s approach is loving, authentic, intuitive, insightful, supportive and tough when things get rough. She supported me throughout the two rituals and provided additional support to integrate my healing and the energetic shifts for 10 days afterwards. We had many connection points that pulled me through the periods when I wanted to stop. She approaches all of this with no judgement – just unconditional love. Some insight into my story. I had forbidden myself to truly express my feelings for over 25 years. Zelda facilitated my release of the guilt and distrust by showing me how to allow myself to feel vulnerable. Showing me how to express my feelings, my needs, my desires, my wants and even my secrets. The parts I did not want to know. Zelda provided continual insight and support which allowed me to trust the process to unfold. She encouraged me to allow myself to live fully in the moment of grief, resistance, love, uncomfortably feelings – some that almost choked me. I have been realised blessings, love and compassion. I have discovered more parts of myself and truly feel safe.
Nadine Moses
I’ve had the pleasure of utilising E-Alchemy’s elixir oils both personally and professionally for over a year now with incredible results. The elixir oils supports the healing and releasing of old trauma patterns trapped within the physical / emotional / mental / spiritual realms within our energetic system. The results have been consistently astounding, as Zelda’s deep understanding of energy frequencies and strong connection with the Divine has enabled her to capture the purest vibrational healing frequencies on a consistent basis. It truly is magic in a bottle.
I use Zelda’s oils, candles and sprays in my spiritual practices, but also in daily life. I burn a candle next to my bed at night with my meditation and then use a little of the candle wax as hand cream (it’s a bit like a paraffin mani😊). I often use the oils as part of my morning mindfulness routine and as a perfume. They smell so beautiful and then remind me of my practice during the day. I have also used the 5D chakra oils on my body to ease bloating of muscular discomfort. I know that these products are made with pure intention and love, as well as being useful and beautiful smelling. Thanks Zelda for these great products💝!
Kim Holmes
The session will Zelda was powerful one for me. Zelda made me feel safe, comfortable and soul-cherished. I was able to surrender to my meditation and healing in a way that I have not been able to on my own. She used music and crystals and beautiful smelling essential oils to transport me to a space where I could confront a part of me that I had 'forgotten' in this life, but was affecting me emotionally. I am definitely going back to get Zelda's unique and powerful assistance on my soul journey.
Zelda's essential oil blends are amazing magickal tools that transport you into a higher frequency and consciousness, enabling you to easily connect with the Divine and facilitate your own energetic healing.
Zelda, it was an extraordinary experience with immense benefit to my overall well-being. It was like my soul received a massage and a renovation :-) Thank you so much. The shifts is permanent and deepened my relation to Self. A soul-boost that skyrocketed my body experience while integrating all.
Salome Saaiman
I would recommend a session with Zelda as her energy is soft, inspiring, healing, gentle and loving. She makes sure that the session is personalised for your needs and that you always feel comfortable and present. She greets you with a gigantic mug of home-brewed tea. It was definitely the most nurturing and delicious tea I have ever had.
Zelda has a beautiful gift of creating a safe space for personal transformation. The unique approach to each client makes the session very meaningful and she invests so much energy into creating just the right experience for each person's healing. My session was profound and deeply enriching.
My session with Zelda was life changing. She is down to earth, honest yet compassionate and she creates safe space where I felt supported and understood. My sessions with her have lead to so much personal growth and an amazing sense of focus. I feel invigorated, purposeful and ready to tackle my life without so much baggage and with fewer blockages. Thank you Zelda. You have been a breath of fresh air.
Zelda has the uncanny ability to tap into a realm and bring you messages from your guides and loved ones who’ve passed. I found the messages she shared to be scarily accurate, not always what I wanted to hear but definitely what I needed to hear. She’s great! Zelda came into my life at just the right time. She has helped me through a number of spiritual issues and her efficacy and connectedness to the spiritual realm is truly astonishing. She’s a loving and caring healer.
Vanessa John
Zelda’s healing sessions are amazing! I felt so safe, nurtured and protected and left relaxed, rejuvenated, and connected with my higher self.
Vanessa John