Alchemical Soul Healing - R1300

Channeled session via Zoom

Empower yourself by clearing your karma and releasing patterns and beliefs that adversely affect your present life and prevents revelation of your life purpose.

Dissolving these energies makes space for the reunion of all parts of yourself. You will feel empowered, have clarity, peace, and more joy in your life, with the ability to live your life purpose and manifest your dreams.

  • Clearing of karma and family karma
  • Clearing of karma of the ancestral lineage
  • Dissolving the karmic patterns and negative thought-forms
  • Clearing of entities, cords, attachments, implants
  • Clear the energy of feeling stuck, doubt, anxiety, depression, and fears.

Chakra healing session: Clear, restore, balance, activate, integrate

R1100 per session, 1 session per month

Channeled session via Zoom

Strengthen the connection with your Higher Self and Monad. This makes it possible for you to awaken to your purpose and embody more of your Soul light into your physical body.

No matter where you are on your soul journey - whether it's the beginning or taking the next step, these sessions will empower you to take action and live your soul purpose.

Session 1

  • Break down physical, mental, emotional, soul constructs that hold you back
  • Deep clearing of the inner chambers of the chakras and energetic layers

Session 2

  • Balance & repair of the endocrine system, meridian lines, and other minor chakra centers in the body so more light can flow through your physical body.
  • Repair and strengthen your personal crystalline body and grid system
  • Repair and strengthen your Divine Blueprint of your DNA

Session 3

  • Activate your inner encodements of light
  • Awaken your 12 strand DNA
  • Integrate the energies in the personal crystalline grid
  • Accelerate your personal growth and highest timeline

Accelerate your Soul Journey - R1140 per session

Channeled sessions via Zoom

6 months journey working on clearing karma and chakra healing & activation sessions.

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