15 varieties each with unique sacred geometry bamboo lid

When you light a candle you call upon Divine assistance for support. Select a Being of Light (Archangel or Ascended Master) to work with and invoke their gifts to help you enhance your physical wellness & spiritual awareness and purify your aura and home. Each candle is made with soy wax, fragrance oils and infused with light energy. Allow the aroma and angel light energy to transform your life. The candle lid is designed with a sacred geometry symbol, use it as a coaster to infuse the energy of the symbol into your space.


The majority of essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy, do not use directly on the body during pregnancy.

Product Care

This specialty line is 100% natural and contains no chemical preservatives. As such, the products should be treated carefully and not exposed to high heat, direct sunlight, or compromising conditions.

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Archangel Metatron Candle

Guides the Ascension process for Earth & Your Soul Mission

Metatron oversees the ascension process of Earth. Connect with him to receive guidance about your role in the ascension process & how you can contribute your light & boost your spiritual growth. He oversees the Stellar Gateway chakra & pours light into this chakra to expand and nurture the growth of your soul mission.

Cost: R220

Archangel Michael Candle

Strength, Courage, Peaceful warrior, Protection & Truth speaking

Michael is in charge of the throat chakra of all sentient beings. Our throat chakra radiates a royal blue of the fifth dimension. He holds the 5th-dimensional blueprint whereby power and control are replaced by unified love, sharing and cooperation. He is also enabling new business structures to arise on Earth. He is the angel of strength and courage and a peaceful warrior of love. The true leader of vision and power, who helps and protects all those striving to live at a higher level. Michael’s Sword of Truth represents the inspiration to stand in our own power, speak our truth and lead others forward in the blazing light of our own truth.

Cost: R220

Archangel Uriel Candle

Self worth, Wisdom, Harmony & Peace

Archangel Uriel is the source of light and keeper of the golden ray. He is the illuminator of pathways. Uriel holds the higher manifestation of world peace. When you are ready to come into harmony & balance, call on him to help you to understand what has been preventing it and to dissolve it. He holds the ability to illuminate your pathway of light, thereby showing you, your light. Your deepest wisdom then automatically emerges from within you to guide you to the highest outcome for the situation presented. Our 5th dimensional solar plexus holds the knowledge and wisdom of our entire soul journey from when we left Source. The solar plexus chakra reflects the deep gold of Archangel Uriel’s divine power, wisdom and commitment to bring about new beginnings in alignment with the Divine Feminine.

Cost: R220

Archangel Zadkiel Candle

Forgiveness, Compassion, Mercy & Transmutation

He is serving the planet by providing the alchemical magic of the Violet Flame in its many facets. He is the angel of forgiveness, compassion and mercy. Call upon the mighty Zadkiel & his Violet Flame dragons to transmute areas of intense density. The violet flame can be used to clear the Earth’s grid, reactivate crystals, and clear humanity.

Cost: R220

Archangel Gabriel Candle

Purification, bring clarity & hope

Gabriel is overseeing the purification of the planet as well as that of all the sentient beings here. If you are not clear about the next step in life or you have to make a choice or a decision, sit quietly and ask Archangel Gabriel to bring you clarity. He will clear clutter around a situation so that you can see the higher perspective or he may send a sign or bring an opportunity. He is in charge of the development of the base, sacral, and navel chakra.

Cost: R220

Archangel Chamuel Candle

Opening the heart, healing of your inner child, self love, compassion, forgiveness

He is overseeing the opening of the first 10 petals of the heart chakra. It is one of the most important steps in our ascension process. He helps to ease the anxiety we feel and release emotional strain. He helps us to forgive yourself and others so that we can experience transcended love. He helps to heal the inner child and overcome abuse. The heart is represented by a beautiful pink-and-white rose with a golden center.

Cost: R220

Archangel Raphael Candle

Healing of mind, body, soul and abundance consciousness

He is the Angel of healing & guides healers. Offers protection when traveling and is teaching us that our source of abundance is infinite and entirely dependent on our own personal beliefs. Any thought, positive or negative, is reflected back in physical form if sent out with enough drive. Weak thought forms are held within our aura and our energy fields and can affect our health. Golden angelic thoughts create a golden aura and vibrant health. He is responsible for the development of our third eye chakra.

Cost: R220

Archangel Jophiel Candle

Beauty, wisdom, understanding, creativity

Jophiel is responsible for the development of the crown chakra of every being in the universe. Light contains spiritual information and knowledge. Wisdom is the ability to apply that knowledge for the highest good of all. She helps translate the information received through the crown chakra. This enables us to work with the energy of Source in everyday life. Archangel Jophiel helps us to connect to our wisdom and cosmic knowledge & also spread it to others. She inspires beauty, creativity, understanding, and positive thoughts.

Cost: R220

Melchizedek Candle

Teaches spiritual truth and self empowerment

He teaches spiritual truths. He oversees the Diamond Ray council which is a group of illuminated beings of light dedicated to activating the diamond ray of purity in our consciousness. He brings Christ consciousness and helps to elevate humanity's consciousness. Invoke this ascended master to work with you and empower you on all levels of your life.

Cost: R220

Mother Mary Candle

Compassion, Unconditional love, Acceptance

She holds the energy and vision of a united field of love and Christ Consciousness. She represents Divine Feminine energy, which means being able to master the love of self, as well as mastering nurturing, giving and mentoring others. She teaches compassion for Earth and all sentient beings. Mother Mary is the epitome of nurturing energy, acceptance, unconditional love and compassion. Her energy is incredibly uplifting and soothing, and she helps all who call upon her to feel loved, safe and at peace.

Cost: R220

Jesus Candle

Unconditional Love, Compassion, Kindness, Forgiveness

He presents sacrificial love and Christ Consciousness. He teaches unconditional compassion, kindness and forgiveness & healing through love. He plants the seeds of pure love, wherever they can grow. His chakras are connected with the Cosmic Heart and he is overseeing the heart activation of the entire world. He works with Archangel Christiel, who is awakening humanity to higher love.

Cost: R220

Quan Yin Candle

Mercy, Compassion, Discernment of expression

She is known as the Goddess of Mercy. She has an unwavering commitment to truth. Belief in the good of all and the compassion for all of humanity. She helps us with discernment of expression. She spread Divine Feminine wisdom everywhere, to empower women and to allow men to become more in touch with their feminine side.

Cost: R220

Merlin Candle

Alchemy, magic, Emergence of new, clear doubt & transformation

Merlin is a master in alchemy, magic and emergence of new. He assists us in focusing our creative energy for new pathways to emerge. He helps to reconnection us to the magic of the Universe. That special spark of magic within you, in your heart center. Merlin the Mystic Magician holds his golden staff of light casting out the doubt, fear, and confusion clearing the way for clarity and alchemical transformation from heavy physical matter-energy into the golden energy of Higher Consciousness and light of expanding awareness.

Cost: R220

Serapis Bey Candle

Ascension, Move into your true self

Serapis Bey works with the Ray of Harmony. He is also here to help us maintain and repair connections with people in our lives. He is wonderful to call on for relationship issues. He is also helping with other connections – our soul connections and our connections to our own Christ Light and Higher Self. He is one of the major teachers of our time for Ascension.

Cost: R220

Abundance Candle

Harmony, Calmness, Peace, Cleanse & Purify

The abundance candle includes basil, sage, neroli and patchouli. When combined, they create a powerful alchemy to help you shift your mindset and purify the environment, to attract more abundance into your life.

Basil - creates harmony. Sage - cleanses and purifies.

Neroli - brings calm & peace to the soul. Patchouli - helps you to take action

Cost: R220