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5d Chakra Full Set

5d Chakra Full Set

Collection of 13 oils for each chakra, with Metatron's Cube design on the back. Archangel Metatron oversee the ascension process of all sentient beings on Earth.


5d Chakra Full Set

How to use the oils?

Take a few quiet moments and check in with your body. A great way to do this is to ask the question: My body is...?

Close your eyes and scan your body and notice where you hold any tension. When we feel overwhelming emotions they manifest as tension and dis-ease in the body.


Whenever you feel emotional and need immediate relief. Remove the lid, close your eyes and inhale deeply. Inhale a minimum of three times or until you feel better. You cannot overdo it. When you inhale you take the aroma molecules deep into the limbic brain and bloodstream for instant support.


Put 2 - 3 drops of oil on your fingertip and apply over the relevant chakra where you feel the tension. Trust what your body is communicating to you. Just notice and acknowledge what you are feeling now.

Now that you know how to use the oils, read below a where each chakra is located on the body and its purpose.


The Earth Star Chakra can be seen as an inert ball of black and white energy. As it wakes up, it takes on a deep grey colour, reflecting the magnetic substance of the planet’s crust. It helps us to keep our soul grounded and assist us with feeling at home. The grounding connection to the mother essence of Gaia, the spirit of Earth. When the energy circuit starts to flow you will never need to ground your energy again. The role of the Earth Star is to guide you to the location allocated for your mission. The Earth Star is assisting awakened souls to keep pace with the raising frequency on Earth. Archangel Sandalphon oversees this chakra and he offers continual support throughout your soul’s incarnation on earth. It is located about 6 inches below your feet. The thick tissue on the bottom of the foot. It connects the heel bone to the toes and creates the arch of the foot. Apply the oil to this spot.

Archangel to call upon for this chakra: Sandalphon

Root Chakra is the seat of the soul, the anchor point for our ascended mastery. Integration with the higher self and no more distinction between ego self and soul self. It is a deep faith and trust in life and your purpose here on Earth. We are able to reconnect with the I AM Presence, our divine spark. At this frequency, the chakra glows a bright platinum colour.

It is located at the genitals on the front of the body, and the base of the spine, the coccyx or tailbone of the back. The centre is the sexual/genital area, the gateway of birth and the reproductive organs.

Archangel to call upon for this chakra: Gabriel

Sacral Chakra is concerned with our sexuality and relationships with others. When family members connect through their higher sacral chakra, karmic bonds dissolve. This means that all the individuals are free to enjoy relationships based on love and mutual respect. As this chakra starts to develop and grow a soft luminous pink light of pure love glows there and then spreads to all who are near you.

It is frontally located in the lower abdomen, between the root chakra and the navel. The chakra is rooted in the spinal column at the first lumbar vertebra, and it corresponds to the ovaries in women and spleen in men.

Archangel to call upon for this chakra: Gabriel

Naval chakra works to unify our energies with those of all other forms of life. When it is in place, awake and spinning, we are fully aware of our infinite connection to the universe. This chakra will assist us to come together in communities of unconditional love. People will learn to cooperate for the highest good and see the best in one another. Every person is a spiritual brother/sister. Help us to remain open & non-judgemental to our experiences and others.

It is located where your belly button is a bright golden orange colour.

Archangel to call upon for this chakra: Gabriel

Solar Plexus is your psychic connection to feel and read all that is happening around us and then discern the correct course of action. The solar plexus is guiding us by bringing to our conscious awareness deeper changes that need to be made. Needs to be clear of all cords & vows from current and past lives. When your solar plexus glows with bright golden light, it is free from the influences of others and indicates a higher state of mastery.

It is located just above the navel below the centre breast bone. Its spinal location is at the eighth vertebra.

Archangel to call upon for this chakra: Uriel

The heart chakra connects us to Christ Consciousness. Which is the source of all authentic truth. Light and love for everyone. Illumination of the four bodies. (Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies) and is the core of the ascension process. The fifth-dimensional heart chakra glows a pure white vibration and contains the 33 chambers of unconditional love.

It is located between the breasts, in the centre of the breastbone; at the back, its location is the first vertebra between and below the shoulder blades.

Archangel to call upon for this chakra: Christiel and Jesus

The throat chakra helps us to express the truth of our soul. Healing the body through the sound of your voice. The colour of the fifth-dimensional throat chakra is an electric royal blue. As the chakra rises in frequency, a diamond spectrum of light becomes visible. The power of the spoken word is incredible. Within the essence of every word, there are multiple layers of codes and vibrations.

It is located in the front at the base of the neck, at the hollow of the collarbone, with its spiral rooted in the third vertebrae at the back, the spine at the base of the skull.

Archangel to call upon for this chakra: Michael

Thymus chakra helps us to experience acceptance, compassion and inner peace.It is the bridge between the voice of reason and the heart's emotions.

It is located between the throat and heart chakra.

Archangel to call upon for this chakra: Aquariel

The third eye chakra is your connection to the clair-abilities. Seeing through your mind's eye. The fifth-dimensional third eye looks like a crystal ball that glows with an emerald light. This chakra is starting to unify with the crown chakra, which forms a new energy screen outside the head. On this screen, we can project our thoughts and wishes for manifestation. We are responsible for mastering your energy, thereby reconnecting to with your true selves. Then we can create love and beauty in many different ways.

It is frontally just above and between the physical eyes, and at the first cervical vertebra of the spine at the back. This chakra corresponds to the eyes and the pituitary gland.

Archangel to call upon for this chakra: Raphael

Crown chakra is guided by information directly from the soul. Each of the thousand petals of the crown is like a radio antenna looking for higher frequencies it can tune into. It will then bring these ascended vibrations into your pineal gland. By following the blueprint of your soul you bring the light codes you have chosen to support our mission here on earth. As the crown chakra becomes fifth-demensional, it draws our attention to inner knowledge and guidance.

It is located at the top of the head, slightly to the back.

Archangel to call upon for this chakra: Jophiel

Causal chakra connects to the Moon and is like your own personal moon, absorbing and radiating divine feminine light. It acts as a magnet for lunar light to draw it into the four- body system. This chakra raises your vibration and connects you with feminine wisdom. The other purpose is to provide the seeker with a deep and intimate connection to the world of spirit.

Is located three to four inches behind the centre back of the head above the crown.Apply the oil to your crown chakra or follow the inhalation method.

Archangel to call upon for this chakra: Christiel

Soul Star chakra awakens when the soul accepts it a spiritual mission on earth. It holds the link to every gift talent and spiritual achievement through the soul's journey. The soul star is divided into two aspects, higher and lower. The lower connects the soul with its essence, drawing in light from the monad to accelerate the chosen path. This is when your heart opens and you start to recognize your soul journey. The higher aspect of the soul star is the true key to your wisdom as a master.

Located about 6 inches above the headApply the oil to your crown chakra or follow the inhalation method.

Archangel to call upon for this chakra: Zadkiel & Mariel

Stellar Gateway chakra task is to connect the individual soul in a physical body to the source of light from which they originate. This is the star or planet of origin.The Stellar Gateway has the ability to transcend all dimensional boundaries of time and space. It helps to draw in new experiences for our learning process here on Earth. When working like this, it forms a bright golden chalice with beautiful golden threads of light spreading from it up through the dimensions of time and space.

Located about 12 inches above the headApply the oil to your crown chakra or follow the inhalation method.

Archangel to call upon for this chakra: Metatron


The majority of essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy, do not use directly on the body during pregnancy.

Product Care

This speciality line is 100% natural and contains no chemical preservatives. As such, the products should be treated carefully and not exposed to high heat, direct sunlight, or compromising conditions.