I love taking photos of angel orbs, nature and beautiful places I have been on my journey through life. Painting and photography will always be a way my soul wishes to express itself. I find it very healing to allow my soul creative expression by getting messy with paint on a canvas or clicking away on the camera.

All photos are taken by me. If you wish to use them, feel free to do so with integrity. Site the original source and link it to this website.

My art
Kaapsehoop South Africa
Day of creative painting
Golden Sunset Orb
A different perspective of an Angel orb
Angel orbs
Angelic orb
Angel Rays
Autumn colours walking through a field of grass in Magaliesburg
Angel Orbs and Rainbow rays
Angel orbs
Rainbow rays
Angel orbs
Sunrise and Angel Orbs
Moth show up as a sign of transformation. Not everyday you see the underside of a moth.
Sacred Fire - weekend of making my shamanic drum
Soul expression with Light Language
Angel orbs - Purple is Archangel Zadkiel

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