Shift out of timelines of Karmic repetition into a state of Grace

9 month healing journey

Hey Beautiful Soul,

Healing doesn't require effort, it requires your Surrender. Not to any power outside of yourself. By using the power of your free will to surrender to your Higher Self to bring forth miracles in your life. Transformation Through Divine Love is the key to unlocking the beauty & wisdom of our wounds.This journey is about healing personal karma and ancestral karma passed down through generations. By doing this work you are being of great service, not only to yourself; but also to future generations and the Earth.

Join me and an intimate group of souls, in a sacred temple space and shift out of the old karmic timelines into a higher state of consciousness.

On this journey, we work with:

  • The beloved members of the Karmic Board and your Akashic Record Keepers
  • Innumerable Cosmic Councils of Light consisting of Ascended Masters, Archangels, Dragons, Unicorns
  • The 12 Divine Rays of Light. These Rays of God’s Light carry forth the qualities of the Creator. By working with these Divine Rays we can integrate their qualities into our lives for soul healing and spiritual growth.

This program is for you - if you are willing to:

  • Heal and transcend the illusion & programs of the 3d matrix and align with your highest timeline
  • Commit to investing in yourself
  • Embrace change
  • Commit to doing the inner work and allow the Soul Expansion
  • Learn and remember how to unconditionally love yourself
  • Surrender to a higher power, your Higher Self and I AM Presence as your guide and counsellor
  • Learn how to build a relationship with your own Higher Self and I AM Presence
  • Learn practises to Master your own energy
  • Put into practice tools given to support your Ascension Journey

Here’s is what you receive during the group experience:

✓ 3 calls per month x 9 months = total of 27 calls + 9 x monthly journal prompts

✓ Bonus 30-minute 1-on-1 startup call

  • Where we will create the foundation and set your intentions for this 9-month journey.

✓ 9 x 1 hour channelled light language healing transmissions.

  • The light language will move into your heart and out into your energy field and into the cells within your physical body. In these group calls, we will clear, cleanse, heal and make space for within yourself to reclaim more of your true Divine Self

✓ 9 x 1.5-hour Integration session

Integration is such a vital part of the healing process and one that we cannot bypass. It takes time. Here I speak of surrendering to Divine timing and not the limited perspective of your human mind.

  • Here you will have the opportunity for a group Q & A. One learns and integrate by sharing and listening to others.
  • Receive wisdom teachings and practical tools you can apply.
  • Receive channelled energy transmissions, to support the integration of the shifts that are taking place with grace and ease.

✓ 9 x 1-hour Soul Activation channelled transmissions

  • These transmissions will assist you to download the keys and codes that your Soul holds and activate them to open the next stage of your Ascension Journey.
  • This will expand your soul's capacity to anchor and hold more light at higher levels of consciousness.

✓ 9 x Monthly journaling prompts/exercises

  • These prompts are specifically designed to cultivate a practice of self-awareness and look inward for guidance and answers from your Higher Self and spiritual guides
  • Building a relationship with the most valuable part of you - Your SOUL!!

Each month we will work on different layers of karmic patterns. It is important for you to understand that healing is not linear. One spirals through multidimensions and layers of programming. Why? Because you are a multidimensional Being of Light and you had a wide variety of experiences in your incarnations on your Earth and many other star systems. Your lifetimes of incarnation create a story that has many complexities and layers.

We will transform through Divine unconditional Love the layers of stories that no longer serve your Highest Good and activate higher states of consciousness in your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies. Thereby transforming your wounding into your medicine.

Many of these topics will be an ongoing theme and work during the 9-month journey.

  • Clearing unconscious resistances to receive - love, support, abundance
  • Healing of unconscious (inner childhood wounds) that keeps you stuck in patterns of shame, guilt, blame, hatred, deprivation, terror, shock, panic, fear, judgement, victimhood, jealousy, betrayal, abandonment, confusion, doubt, neglect, cruelty, heartbreak, attachment, ignorance and many more.
  • Clearing of vows, soul contracts that keep you stuck in living out old karmic patterns.
  • Clearing of entities, various types of energetic implants & programs that keep you stuck repeating old patterns.
  • Clearing of self-doubt, the inner critic and distractions
  • Healing Auric scars in lower 3 chakras - Base, sacral, solar plexus
  • Healing Auric scars over the heart chakra, throat, head trauma - shock, terror, fear, panic, betrayal, cruelty, anxiety, depression - current & past lives
  • Clearing and healing any resistances to being on Earth and connected to your physical body
  • Heal emotional body - across all timelines
  • Learn and experience the power of forgiveness
  • Healing patterns of unworthiness, self-worth, deservingness, not good enough
  • Heal patterns of self-sabotage, addictive behaviour
  • Healing unprocessed experiences of loss resulting in grief
  • Releasing old fears so the wisdom of your soul can come forward
  • Gain access to my toolkit of practical rituals and spiritual guidance to support your healing journey
  • Learn and master the art of practising unconditional love for yourself and others

Here is what you can look forward to:

  • The freedom and clarity your Soul seeks
  • Self-empowerment
  • Trust and confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • Experience soul satisfaction by doing what you love
  • To be unapologetically you and step into your full radiance
  • To fully receive the gift of you, allow yourself to be seen
  • Align with your highest timeline
  • Allow in all the unconditional love, support and abundance your heart desires
  • Become a true co-creator with your Higher Self by reconnecting with your Soul Blueprint

If you are feeling guided to join us on this journey you will be welcomed into a safe space of growth with open arms.

Dates: Always falls on a Wednesday 7 pm SAST; UTC/GMT +2 hours

April 6 - 14 December 2022 ONLINE Via Zoom

April 6, 13, 20/May 4, 11, 25/June 1, 8, 22

July 6, 13, 27/Aug 3, 10, 24/Sept 7,14, 28

Oct 5, 12, 26/Nov 2, 9, 23/Nov 30, Dec 7, 14

Registration close 30 March 2022

The BONUS 1 -1 call will take place between 1- 5 April.

Upon payment, you will receive the link to schedule your Bonus 1-1 call.

Click on the links below to see the price and payment options.

Signup for this offering is over. If you would like to enquire about later entries or want more information. Please check use the contact page to contact me.

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