What is a spiritual bath?

Sunday, August 16, 2020


What is that?? Most ancient cultures have spiritual bathing rituals. There are many different variations, however, the essence is the same. Disease can reside in the body or soul and causes of illness. It can be physical or spiritual in nature.

Using sacred waters, herbs, flower essences, prayer, and intention participants gain liberation from emotional obstacles, clarity of mind, and feel uplifted in their spirit. It is an ancient healing art that has survived colonialism and is still being used today.

Water is sacred and purifying. It can protect and cleanse us from negativity. Water that is blessed or prayer over is referred to as Holy Water. Water is used in many religions and cultures to mark a rite of passage. Water baptism is one example.

I have had many profound spiritual experiences and healing in my own bathtub with this practice. Many of you practice spiritual bathing in the form of self-love or care. Are you one of those that love to relax in the bath with a candle, some music, bath salts, essential oils, and even crystals?

How do you prepare your sacred space and what do you add to the water? (herbs, salts, essential oils, flowers, etc) Let me know in the comments below, what your favorite thing to do for your bath ritual?

Here are some resources to find beautiful bath salts, crystals, oils, candles to add your bath.





Love, Zelda

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