What I learned from the 28 day cleanse

Sunday, June 11, 2017

When I started this writing project I planned to give you extracts of each day of my journal entries. Seldom things go as planned, so I am changing my approach and giving you a few highlights of the things I learned from my experience in January 2017 with the raw food detox.

  • Celery juice and running is not a great combination. If you want a good laugh ready my story, Day 3 - It's good to laugh at yourself
  • It gets easier after the first week.
  • Healthy snacking keeps your adrenals stable so you have no blood sugar crashes and then spikes during the day.
  • Feeding my body nutritious food, made me not crave the sweet stuff.
  • I struggled with just eating raw food, as my body was craving warm temperature food. Like a warm nutritious soup or vegetable stew.
  • I slept better at night.
  • When you go through a detox be patient with yourself and give your body enough rest.
  • Detoxing in the body also leads to detoxing of emotions. So you will feel emotional and I understood how chemicals in foods build up to toxic levels and numb your feelings.
  • It takes effort to eat raw food when not in your daily routine. They key is preparation.
  • Feeling guilty when you didn’t stick to the meal plan 100% is worse for your body than what the food is.
  • If you decide to do a detox do it out of love for yourself and not as a project you trying to fix.
  • We eat with our eyes first. Colour plays a big role in what you find appetising to eat. Make your food colourful and bright for yourself.
  • Detoxing caused an increase of my sense of smell and taste.
  • Be patient with yourself as your body goes through changes.
  • Mental fogginess lifts and you will experience a clearer mind.
  • Don’t eat at your desk at work. Take a break, be present when you eat and enjoy your food.
  • Get comfortable with the fact that other people will ask a lot of questions and they will feel unsure on how to act when you make changes to your life.
  • Ask the people in your life to support your choices and tell them how you want to be supported.
  • Stop labelling food as good or bad. Eat what makes your body feel good.
  • It is not a diet, it's a mindset and a lifestyle choice.

Following Anthony Williams raw food cleanse for 28 days was a life changing experience and made me conscious of my relationship with food and my own body.

I highly recommend that you give it a try for yourself or simply go and try different things until you find something that works for you.

I lost a total of 3kg and of lot of centimeters in the 28 days, which meant dropping two dress sizes. I felt great!!

The question I asked myself: “Is eating a raw food diet, a lifestyle that I could maintain?” The answer for me at this time was “no”. I craved cooked food and still enjoyed eating meat. I cut down to eating meat once or twice per week. I have over the last six months made small improvements and incorporated a bigger variety and a lot more fruits and vegetables in my diet.

What works for me is to try different things and see what works. Keep making improvements and listen to your body, as it goes through changes.

What failures or successes have you had, when changing your eating habits? I would love to hear your story.

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