We’re all creative, we just forgot

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

I love being creative. It wasn't always the case. Somewhere in the journey of living my adult life, I forgot how to play. It killed my spirit and I felt lost. When I decided to deep dive into the creativity pool and play I found my way back to me. I expressed myself with different art forms - writing, private journaling, drawing, making a mess on a page with paint, screen printing and much more.

When I dedicated time to be creative - ideas started to flow. When I talked about my creative endeavours to others - collaborations happened. When I focused my energy on remembering I was always creative - more opportunities arose to play and make really cool shit.

When I allow self-doubt, I questioned my own self-worth. I sabotaged myself by making excuses not to take inspired action. My divinely inspired ideas withered away along with a piece of my soul.

I hear so many people say I'm not creative. Nonsense, we all are born creative. We simply forgot how to play. Another killer of creativity is comparing your creative nature to others. Remember you have your own unique signature. Instead of comparing and criticizing yourself, look at what others do as inspiration.

One evening at a dinner party I overheard a comment: "I thought creativity is when you come up with an original idea that has not been done before." I could not help but wondered how many people today belief that statement to be true.

What is your belief system about your creativity? What did you enjoy doing when you were a child?

I invite you to remember that inner child inside of you. She is dying to come and play, don’t forget her!

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