Unboxing the gift of your hands

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Have you ever consider the importance of your hands as a tool for expressing your truth? Expressing one's truth is not done only through the spoken word. There are many forms of expressing one's truth where the hands are used as the tool to express.

Without your fingers or hands, your ability to work would be greatly reduced. Human hands are unique. No other creature in the world has hands that can grasp, hold, move, and manipulate objects like human hands.

The hand is an instrument of instruments.


Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.

—Carl Jung

I became aware of the importance of my hands as a tool to express my truth, after one particular healing session, where a past life was revealed to me which impacted my current life.

For weeks afterwards, I had this intense inner guidance from my soul to looking at what am I doing with my hands daily. I started looking at them and writing down in a journal what I did with my hand. I invite you to do the same and notice what you become aware of.

We live our lives through our hands. Consider for a moment all the things you do daily with your hands.

We use them daily in everything we do. Many of the tasks we perform has become an automated process.

Stop and consider... What will you do if you had no hands? Or your hands are disfigured in some way? What is the impact on losing a pinky finger compared to if you a missing thumb or index finger?

In this practise I noticed, when I had to use my hand for certain writing activities, I would freeze up. I made a list to help me get clear of what activities of writing I was comfortable with and which ones caused pain, resistance, fear or avoidance of the activity.

Just the thought of writing a book made me not even want to explore or look at it as a possibility. Total denial of my writing skills and the archetype of the Scribe in me. Others writing or creative expression would inspire me. When I finally had to courage to express my truth, I would compare my writing, artwork or anything creative as not as good as others.

We don't all have the same block to using our hands. My block is in a certain type of writing activity. Yours might be in speaking, singing, writing, doodling, drawing, playing an instrument, creating art, making things with your hands, using your hands in reading energy, healing with your hands.

Pause and go make a cup of tea. On your way back grab pen and paper. Don't worry, I will wait for you, we will do this exercise together. I know first hand how scary this can be. :-)

Is there anything you wish to do, that requires the use of your hands to express it? Is the thought of the action making your hands shake? Do your hands become sweaty? Are you experiencing feelings of avoidance, discomfort, resistance, recoil? Just write down what comes to mind and how you feel when you contemplate doing the action with your hands.

Next step.

Consider any of these possible past life scenarios and notice any feelings or awareness that come to mind.

  • Had your hands bound so you cannot perform your magic?
  • Had your hands cut off for stealing or doing magic or amputated due to an accident.
  • Your creative work has been burned, stolen or used against you.
  • Sign a death order and sentenced someone to death
  • Sign a contract, where you renounced your gifts or sign a contract where the agreement caused harm.
  • Wrote a letter to blackmail someone.
  • Vow to not express your truth through a specific art form due to pain suffered during that lifetime.
  • Persecuted or killed for expressing your truth.

This ritual made me realise I have done the spiritual work to set myself free from my past lives. But I never fully acted on the freedom I received. I since did more rituals to help me shift and access more of my authentic self.

I was the bird released from its prison. I flew short trips, never realising how strong my wings are and how far the wind can carry me; if I learned how to embrace and play with the air currents.

To claim my freedom I have to take flight daily, it takes practice. With each flight, I felt more liberated than before. My wings grew stronger, and who knows, I just might become the alchemist of air, I am meant to be.

Rituals help bring to the surface something not yet seen. It shifts and transform energy and helps us move more freely in our spiritual lives.

I am an expert in creating and performing rituals that are personally meaningful to you, which will help you evolve in your spiritual journey here on Earth. Rituals that help you set intentions to enable you to manifest and reach your desired goals and aspirations.

Love & Peace


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