Monday, June 5, 2017

Every morning on my way to work I drive past this house, watching its daily transformation over the last couple of months. It is a great metaphor for my own transformation and I can't help but wonder, “If this ever gets any easier? Will it ever be done?”

Progress was slow in the beginning. For months the house stood vacant. One day I drove home and saw all kinds machinery and big storage tips delivered to the property. The next morning the site is buzzing with activity.

Workers were busy demolishing parts of the house, ripping off roof tiles, while others were smashing in walls and taking out doors and windows. Later that afternoon there was no roof anymore, part of the house was gone, only the foundation remained and some existing walls. The house looked unrecognisable. It lay bare open and raw for the world to see, exposed to the elements.

The walls got knocked down to create bigger spaces. Small windows were replaced with big windows to allow more light to flow through the house. Where there was a door, is now an open space leading to new interesting corridors and spaces to explore.

Now looking at the house, the entrance is transformed. The strong pillars hold up the structure and create an open and welcoming space. This leads to a huge staircase that opens the house to the second storey that was not there before. It is a new world to explore with corridors and doorways that lead to unknown rooms on an elevated plane. The elevation allows you to see the world with new eyes. There are more light and warmth on this level.

The rebuilding process doesn’t always go as planned. Changes are made to the plans as the work continues. A wall or a window in a certain place doesn’t look as good as they thought in the beginning. It gets broken down and rebuilt in another place.

Where there was once a garden is now building rubble and gravel. The owner will need to landscape the garden and start again. Another opportunity to create something magical.
Like with this house there is many things happening all at once. The tearing down and rebuilding is a continuous process as with transformation.

I think we make transformation sometimes harder than it should be. We fear the unknown and therefore hold on because that is all we know.

Let that which needs to die in you die. Grieve that part of you, but remember that the essence of who you are won’t die. It is merely transformed into something more beautiful than you can ever imagine.

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