Sing me a story

Sunday, January 15, 2017

I confess. I like playing with song titles of albums that I enjoy listening to and create my own story lines. Okay, I know it’s weird but I don’t care you think I am a little weird, because I am. I enjoy the challenge of it to come up with a story that make sense. Sometimes the story does not make any sense, other times I have two story lines from one album and then the fun start to make it one story.

Sometimes I write and it makes no sense at all, I scrap it and start all over again. But it doesn’t matter, it is all about the creative process and having fun while doing it. I giggle a lot at myself when I read my bizarre stories, some I will share and some I won’t.

I hope this inspires your own creativity in some way? Creativity is contagious pass it on.

The working man has fallen and every night I am bleeding out. The underdog has nothing left to say. Do you hear me scream in silence?

I tiptoe to the underworld with my night vision on, to collect my powers from the Imagine Dragons.

Now I am supercharged and radioactive, it’s time to chase the demons on top of the world to Amsterdam. Cha-ching, I have done it!

Over and Over I hear the souls in the machine. They flood my mind with images and sounds. They make no sense to me until the pin drops.

Boxes, there are boxes all around me. They are filled with the records of my life. The good, the bad.

What if I could look in the mirror and reverse all of me and be free of me? Starting again, would I change it or do it the same?

Then I realise I am the lucky one to be so alive! With a prayer in my pocket I walk the long way home to my family waiting for me.

Find me, waste a moment, while I dream within these church walls. Having a conversation piece with a young hot Muchacho.

Eyes on you, I follow you around the world like a wild thing over and over again. Until the Kings of Leon roars from the Reverend and woke me from my slumber…

Doing the bear dance for you, being silly like a youth group of girls, I waited 4 U to turn on your side to watch me come closer to you.

Draw you in and then let u go... You wish for me to hold still but being mesmerized by the dance you take a still life to capture the moment instead, with Manhattan in the background of our bedroom window.

Would love your thoughts, please share

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