My Heart

Sunday, May 21, 2017

There are moments when I find myself hearing my soul speak to me. It is in those quiet moments in between my thoughts, almost a whisper, so quick and so soft that I almost don't hear it.

It never shouts but drops in quick as a flash and then it is gone. But there is always a lingering and I feel it in my heart as my truth. It is unmistakable and can't deny it. It is gentle yet so immensely powerful that it shakes me to my core.

It makes my ego uncomfortable. It wants to argue, deny, justify as it struggles to comprehend the message that was delivered. It reasons and brings its friend called 'logic' to deliver a counter-argument to the message I just felt in my heart.

In between the ego, the heart and the mind are me. The observer of it all. I have to make a choice. Which one do I listen to?

I can no longer deny my heart. The pull to listen to the whisper gets stronger and stronger. Where does this quiet voice lead? Where will it take me? What can I achieve? What will I become if I choose to follow the whisper?

There is that voice again. My heart whispers, “Follow me and you will find out.”

A tear rolls down my cheek but I am smiling. In my chest is a turning, swirling, tingling sensation and I know my heart is opening.

Opening to love. To the full range of human emotions without judgment if it is good or bad. But with love and gratitude.

I say, _"Wait for me, I am coming!!"_Heart smiles and says, "Welcome home, now let's go!!"

A fellow lightwalker Salome Saaiman took this photo -

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