Day 3 - It is good to laugh at yourself

Friday, April 14, 2017

Day 3

I woke up early with the wind blowing outside and a chill in the air. Even the dogs did not want to get up from under the warmth of their cosy blankets. I made celery juice and drank some water as I felt thirsty after waking up. I better hydrate before I go for a run.

I got dressed and headed out the door. The dogs looked at me with perplexed eyes “Where are you going without us?” Felt a bit guilty for not taking them along, but I wanted to run and Campbell can't keep the pace.

1 km into the run, pressure started building in my stomach. Unsure if it was a fart or something more serious, I let one slip. Phew, dodge that one!! Smiling at myself. But the smile soon disappeared as my stomach made an alarming rumble. I ran faster hoping to make it back home before it was too late. Running faster was not helping the predicament I was in. So I opted for a fast walk/run so I can clinch my butt cheeks. Approximately 1.5km before home, there is an Engen service station and I made a quick dash for the toilet. The start of day 3 and my stool is liquid. Spinach soup is THE shit!!

Note to self: Wait for your system to do its thing before going running.

The last 1.5km was great!! I got home went for a shower, sat down for a 20-minute meditation and then got dressed for work. Another day of dealing with the food aromas in the office. I prayed to God to strengthen my reserve and to appreciate the gift of smell when all the aromas of lunchtime start floating about in the office.

Experienced a lot of air in my intestines, and funny noises as the air are moving out and downward :-) The human body is fascinating….imagine if I could record the noises my body makes and make a song from it. Scratch that idea, it just weird. Smiling at myself :-)

Raw food diet takes some adjusting too. At least I am getting my exercise in for the day, running up and down to the toilet to let out potential embarrassing noises in private.

The story continues…….. Tune in next week for more

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