5 concepts explained in a different way

Monday, June 12, 2017

It is easy to explain to you concepts like mind, body, soul, heart and ego on their own. You know what they are and what their function is. The difficulty arises when you want to understand them as a whole. How do they operate and talk to each other? How do they impact each other? Can they even exist on their own? I can see you’re confused. I just handed you a ball of twisted twine and you don’t know where to start. So let me untwine it for you.

A human being is like a single server plugged into one gigantic server farm. Each server is built with a unique set of abilities, not one server is the same. Each one has a specific purpose. It is equipped with an operating system (the heart) and various programs that are key to its development. The server is self-learning and chooses how it evolves. Just as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) learns from the experience by observing and exploring. By choosing how it will respond to different experiences. Choosing which program to execute and in which way. Either to install, upgrade, delete, deny or allow access.

The body is the hardware of the server. It is the outer shell that hosts the software that is operating it.

The soul is the infinite resource you can draw information, inspiration and guidance from. It is your GPS system. It is your intuition, your connection to your Higher Self, and the Divine.

The heart is the operating system that is linked to a more advanced system (the soul). You can draw from this infinite resource. All you have to do is choose to flip a switch.

The heart is the opening place for integration of the information you receive. It acts like a firewall which is either open or closed. How do you open it? You listen and choose to remember and feel your emotions. How do you close it? You don't listen and choose to forget. You suppress and deny and ultimately numb your emotions.

The mind is also a program that listens to instructions given by other programs and then executes them. It can be trained to recognise which instructions are false or true; based on what it has learned. When it makes a true connection it upgrades to a higher level and can unlock another system that can advance its learning and execution of functions. Then there are programs called functions. They might seem insignificant but the result is mind blowing when they are executed. The function is called choice and action.

The ego is the antivirus program. It wants to keep you safe and warns you of intrusions. When you want to upgrade to a higher level you have to override its function. But you have the power to override the system and allow a new program to be downloaded in the heart and installed in the mind.

I hope you now see how these systems operate together in the human body. Separate, yet integrated. Each one supporting the other in a continuous flow of being.

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