28 Day Cleanse Day 1 & 2

Friday, April 7, 2017

Day 1

Last day of the holiday and also the start of my first day of the cleanse. Tomorrow is back to work and not really looking forward to the temptations that are lying ahead for me. Oh crap, not sure if I would be able to say no if someone offers me a snack. Better think of something clever to say.

Being at home for the first day is giving me time to adjust to the routine of what I have to prepare for the next day to take to work. Being prepared is the best solution I have to stick to the plan.

I am glad I stuck to my commitment to physical exercise today. I took the dogs to Walkhaven (it’s a dog park where dogs can run free and swim in the dams)
I did not succumb to the temptation of ordering a pizza at the dog park. It did smell damn good.So far today I did not struggle with eating the raw food, but I did find it hard to watch what other people are eating.

I have been struggling with a slight headache since I came back from the dog walk. It was a scorching hot day 34-degree celsius. I am bit sunburnt on my face, even though I was wearing a hat. Think I have a bit of sunstroke. Okay rest up and have some more water.The dogs loved cooling off in the water.

The raw spinach soup will take getting used to. The taste is very earthy and not sure if I can consume that much soup. So I, ½ the recipe for the first time. That made about 750ml of soup. Eating in portions of 250ml cups work for me. It doesn’t look like a mountain of green monster liquid that I have to consume. Said a prayer to help get the soup down.

Day 2

Awake early and feeling good after the night rest. I am never this hungry so early in the morning. Oh, well let’s go have some celery juice and a smoothie. It is not breakfast time yet, but I am hungry. I like my early morning snooze when the alarm goes off, but hunger is driving to the kitchen.

The first day, back to work today. Being prepared for lunch and having my snacks to eat made the day rather easy to get through. No major obstacles or temptations. Feeling very emotional today. The eyes well up and had to fight back the tears a few times. The conversation of New Year's Eve been replaying in my head. I am fighting this internal war with my emotions and I don’t know what to do.

The word ‘Transformation’ is being presented to me. I see it all over my social media feeds or articles I read online. What comes to mind is the videos of abused and neglected dogs on social media and how they transformed after being rescued. With love and care they overcame the odds. I think that is how my body is feeling right now.
I need some air, time for a walk with the dogs. Lift my mood as they always so happy to go walkies.

Tune in next week to read......

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