10 things I welcome in my life for 2017

Sunday, January 29, 2017

I am not one for new year’s resolutions. I am for setting goals that are congruent with my true self and what I want to achieve to make my life better. I welcome constant effort (small steps every day) which will lead to transformation.

Universally 2017 is a “1 year” in numerology, and the number one represents new beginnings. This involves making new choices and taking action, planting seeds and nurturing them so that they will bear fruit in years to come.

Below are some of the choices and actions I am welcoming into my life this year.

1. Love myself unconditionally

Accept the good, the bad, and the ugly within myself. I don’t need fixing. What I need is to be more compassionate and understanding of myself. I am perfect in my imperfections.

2. Honour my inner child

She is intelligent, kind, gentle, creative, compassionate, funny, and filled with wisdom. I will trust my inner guidance and speak my truth.

3. Courage to face my fears, so they don’t become my limitations

I will have the courage to let go of the things I cannot change. And it is okay to be scared, it just means that I am going to do something really, really brave.

4. Ask, accept, allow

Ask for help when I need it. Accept the help being offered (even if it is not exactly what I expected it to be), and allow it to unfold in my life. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

5. Intimacy

You just thought about sex, right? Don’t deny it, I know you did! Many people think intimacy is only a sexual concept but sex isn’t always intimate. I want real intimacy in all my relationships, whether romantic, family, friends, or even colleagues. Intimacy – in this context – relates to understanding, companionship, closeness, togetherness, camaraderie. Intimacy. “In-to-me-see”. It’s a blending of the heart with another.

6. Always honour my real feelings

In a society of “shoulds” we are numb to our own desires and needs. I have learned that if I keep thinking “I shouldn’t feel that”, I am denying my truth and not honouring my authentic self and desires. This denial will always break my heart. I vowed to never break my own heart again. Allowing myself to just feel heals. I don’t have to act on all my feelings, just feel them and let go. This realisation led to the point below on how to honour my feelings.

7. Be assertive

Being more assertive means that I’m aware of my own feelings and opinions and can state those feelings to myself and others in a respectful way. Being assertive is not aggression. It’s kind, gentle, and peaceful. It’s worth the risk to be assertive and my true self, as this is the only way to build authentic relationships.

8. Adventure and fun

I will spend more time with awesome humans who inspire and challenge me to grow. I choose to stick with people who draw the magic out of me rather than the madness.

9. Healthy body, mind, and spirit

I welcome healthy choices in my eating habits and exercise routine. I welcome getting fitter, stronger, and feeling more energised. I embrace the healing of my body and of my spirit.

10. Listening

I will focus on truly listening and practising compassion towards other human souls. And remember that each person is on their own journey and going through their own learning experiences.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through the things I invite with open arms into my life for 2017.

What do you invite into your life this year? Please share, I would love to hear them.

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