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The path to who we really are is not always an easy, straightforward one. Some of us meander through families and societies, relationships and careers for a long time to find ourselves at the point of coming home.

Some of us do the best we can as children, always knowing that we don’t quite fit, that we don’t accept the norms that others do, that we see things differently and see different things. We suppress our intuition, our curiosity and our wonder, to be accepted and loved in the place we find ourselves in.

From a young age, I have always known deep inside me an intuition that others labelled "weird". A gift that did not feel like any kind of gift, growing up. As I got older, I went seeking answers to lift the heaviness around my heart. I read self-help books, attended seminars on how to improve my life, experimented with various practices from positive thinking, affirmations, changing my diet, exercise, and learning how to mediate. But it took a severe spinal injury in April 2016, to create the turning point I needed. You can read the story published in the Elephant Journal - link

I found the courage to face both my physical and spiritual pain. Finally, coming to terms with a connection to spirit that I had felt for so long, but never understood. I realized that I was passionate about our environment, this place we call home, about helping people live a more authentic life in line with their soul’s purpose. In my heart, I know Mother Earth to be a living and breathing being with so much power and knowledge to share with us. We just have to listen, to see our own light and then choose to walk in that light.

My soul’s purpose is to help you on your journey home, to connect with your guides and higher self in the best possible and unique way, for you. To use the gifts of Mother Nature, the herbs and plants and healing powers to ease and direct your journey.

Yours in spirit and love,